How Effective Is Medication To Treat SAD?

Seasonal affective disorder or SAD is a common depression disorder during winter. The disorder is often associated with the change of weather where the weather shifts from sunny to gloomy. When this happens, some people experience depression.

SAD is just like other forms of depression. That is why treatment for such disorder include antidepressant medications which are commonly prescribed to treat depression. However, there has not been enough evidence to support that antidepressants can treat SAD.

Medications for SAD
The most popular antidepressant medication is the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors or SSRI. This is the most preferred medication for SAD treatment. They are supposed to be taken as soon as winter starts right before the onset of the disorder. The treatment is then continued until spring.

SSRI acts directly on serotonin, increasing their levels in the brain to improve a person’s mood. Serotonin is responsible for a person’s mood. When their levels are up, the person is happy and energetic. When serotonin level is low, the person is depressed.

Other treatment
Aside from antidepressant medications, other treatments for SAD include light therapy with the use of SAD lamps. You can find different types of lamps in There are different forms of lamps sold which are effective in treating SAD.

These lamps emit light that resembles light coming from the sun. This is the kind of light that is absent during winter. But the lamp produces this light which helps alleviate symptoms of depression associated with SAD.

Studies show that SAD lamps are more effective in treating SAD depression than medications because medications are not really directed to treat SAD. If you want to know more about SAD lamps and how efficient they are in treating SAD, you can check out for details about the light emitted by the lamps.